My First Love

My eyes are smitten with your enchanting beauty

Your melody is sheer bliss to my ears

My nose is drawn towards your fresh aroma

My face beams with joy seeing your frolic with children

Your playfulness brings a radiant smile to my face

My hair are gently stroked by your breeze

My heart skips a beat when you come closer to me

I can feel your spirit in the depths of my soul

My feet are tickled by your cool touch

My mind is at ease when you are with me

Your generosity and humility move me

Oh my Sea, I am in love with you yet again!!

Candolim Beach


Baaga Beach

After being separated for 7 long years, I finally got a chance to meet my first love again at Goa, India. My rendezvous with Goa has completed a full circle now. My trip in 2011 was all about being with my closest friends, 6 am date with Calangute beach, midnight conversations and movies, the breath-taking India-Pakistan match 2011 (ICC world cup), getting intoxicated with the smell of vanilla and lemongrass in spice plantation, dancing away in the night cruise, mesmerizing churches of Goa and so much more. In 2018 I got to see the other side of Goa, the much talked about night life and delicious sea food (P.S. my friends are vegan, so missed out on my favorite cuisines in 2011).


The Eternal Wave
Anjuna Beach

This one was an office team trip, and what better place than Goa can one find to bond with your colleagues.  Goa 2.0 was memorable in its own special way. From the enjoying the tempting Pomfret in Carvalho’s bar & restaurant to crazy partying at Sinq till wee hours of the morning, from chilling by the pool side in the resort (The Eternal Wave) to relishing mouth-watering prawns salad and fish fingers at Curlie’s (Anjuna beach), from savoring the fine red wine at lazy goose to collecting pretty little sea shells for my colleague, from playing mafia at midnight with my wonderful team to my escapades with my first love at Anjuna and Candolim beach; Goa you have been a breath of fresh air in my life.


Goa is an amazing feeling and has a spirit of its own which pulls you towards it time and again. A vibrant, charming and a cozy little city with Portuguese touch which should so be added to your bucket list if hasn’t been till now!!



One never comes to think of the versatility of water and how its every single expression is a delight to watch. The wonder liquid achieves absolute perfection in every role essayed by it. Everyone that it meets during its journey has a profound impact on its personality and ultimately adds to the depth of its emotions.

The brilliant sparkle produced by sheer happiness on meeting the sun, the peace and contentment on reaching the shore, the ecstasy on jumping from the cliff, the fury on colliding with the rocks, the anxiety on witnessing the hustle-bustle of a big city, the light chuckle on dancing with the dolphins; Water displays a gamut of emotions having unmatched intensity.

The myriad faces of water are evident in the pictures below.

Calangute Beach,Goa (The ultimate Glow!)
Calangute Beach (Serene!!)
Niagara Falls, North America
Niagara Falls (And the fury!!)
Hongkong Island
Mauritius (one for the Dolphins!)

Walk in the woods

Stairs to the tree-house were unsturdy
They taught me the art of balance

The tide of the river was against me
It taught me perseverance

The tree was in midst of a underwater siesta
It taught me alertness

The rocks were averting the over-speeding of gushing waters
They taught me caution & humility

The forest emperor was growling
The muscular branches taught me fearlessness

The birds were whistling while searching for another abode
They taught me foresightedness

The bees were buzzing around their hives
They warned me against over-ambition

The herd of deer was bellowing on the foreboding of the predator
It taught me the theory of survival

The mangoes were relaxing on the lofty branches
They gave me the sweetness of the fruits of labor

A dense forest it was
It taught me the lessons of life!!


She is a remarkable human being; an extraordinary creation of God; the personification of our mother Earth; the one from where it all began; the source of evolution and revolution; may not be the face of many nations but is undoubtedly their core; the reason we have the strength to wield the sword and the mightier one, the pen; my folks she is the reason you all can read this post!

Well today I read a disgraceful chapter of Mahabharata, a legendary epic written by Ved Vyasa. I do not even have the heart to mention the details of that ill-fated day where she was at the receiving end of the so called “valorous” warriors. It has stirred up a lot of negative emotions inside me and writing is the most suitable outlet for them now.

A man is forgiven since times immemorial for his innumerable transgressions citing reasons such as principles, ambition, duty, ethics, code of conduct, limits to a position and helplessness (an over-rated word!) etc. In contrast a single moment of weakness for a woman becomes an unpunishable sin, rejection of a man probably the most heinous. Why do the fellow men forget that the phrase ‘to err is human’ also applies to a woman? Why is it so difficult to grasp the fact that she isn’t your prized possession but an individual in her own right?

What agonized me the most is the fact that accomplished and renowned men in Indian mythology like Bhishma, Sage Dronacharya, Bhim, Arjuna and King Dhritrashtra made helplessness their alibi for not protecting the honor and dignity of a woman. How can any man have the audacity to call himself great if he is unable to fight for his own wife/daughter/daughter-in-law?

Draupadi an epitome of wisdom, beauty, devotion, compassion, will power and inner strength is the real heroine for me as she was fearless when others were powerless and she was hands-down the queen when others were slaves of their own-selves.

Men may come and men may go but life will go on forever because of her.

The Scotland of India!

That afternoon I had a beautiful dream; I was surrounded by a soothing mist which enveloped the lush green hills. There was a certain tranquility in that moment and it all felt as though I was climbing the stairs that led to Heaven. A Soft drizzling soon followed, those sparkling water droplets kissed my eyes and the breeze whispered into my ears; & in that instant I realized that I was indeed living my dream.

We were on the top of the Brahmagiri hill and our journey through those 407 steps in the lap of nature was the show stealer of our first trip together. After 5 years of separation, those precious moments of togetherness in a heaven like Talacauvery was all that our trio needed!

The pathway to hill-top

The exquisite architecture and the marvelous interiors of the Namdroling monastery is something one cannot miss when in Coorg. Our rendezvous with the innocent children (especially their fun cricket match!) of the Buddhist monks there still brings a smile to my face.


The sight of white gushing waters sparing no mercy for the rocks at the bottom; their symphony having the power to give eternal peace to a man’s soul forms the essence of Abbey falls. I almost lost myself and gave into the charms of the mesmerizing falls.

The Abbey Falls

Carefree boating under a canopy of trees; colliding head on with one such tree frolicking with the waters; walking over-confidently on slippery rocks and falling on them the very next moment for underestimating their strength; being healed (my foot to be precise!) by the sheer force of water currents in the end is how I would describe the Nisargadhama forest.

Nisargadhama forest

Coorg; an unparalleled beauty truly blessed by the rain Gods and mother earth; a place that I can’t have enough of every time it comes to my mind; a place where so much is yet to be discovered!

(P.S. We stayed in Coorg Shell)

Padharo Mhare Desh

It was an unusual night; I was lying down on a cool mountain of sand gazing into the sky covered in a blanket of stars that dazzled like never before. I along with my cousins was waiting for camel ride back to our desert camp; never did I imagine that those moments of wait would give me peace of a lifetime and a sight so mesmerizing that everything around me came to a standstill as if I fell in love.

Such are the sand dunes of Jaisalmer where nothing comes in between the land and the sky, a scenery so pure and heavenly. The majestic sun-rise followed by a jeep safari causing the ultimate adrenaline rush was another noteworthy chapter in the chronicles of the Thar Desert. We also got a chance to witness the cultural performances of the local artists at our desert camp, an absolute treat for the eyes.

The city of Jaisalmer is of historic as well as strategic significance. The excursion to Jaisalmer fort (Sonar Kila) will be etched in my memory for times to come. It is an admirable fact that a no. of families have been living inside the fort since generations and run small cafes in their houses. I have personally never come across such a thing in any of the previous forts that I have been to. Now the fort is of the people and for the people. One such interesting person in the fort is miniature artist Mr. Kanu Swamy. You have to see the magic of his intricate pieces of art to believe them.

Gadisar lake

While enjoying the therapeutic boat ride in the Gadisar Lake one cannot fail to notice the old world charm of this golden city, a land far away from all the worries & struggles of modern life. In contrast there exists a land some 2.5 hours away from the city which was a deadly warzone back in 1971. The border post of Longewala and its war memorial is sure to give you goose-bumps. The memorial is testimony to the extraordinary valor and sacrifice of Indian army. It’s not just this destination but also the journey that deserves an honorable mention in my diaries.

The road to Longewala

What more can you ask for in life but a smooth bike ride on a breezy winter afternoon amidst a breathtaking landscape; where it’s just you with the sound of your heartbeat (& of course the engine’s sound). Things like these make Jaisalmer a perfect amalgam of tradition, history, culture and natural beauty.

( P.S. We stayed in the Prince Resort in Sam sand dunes area)