One never comes to think of the versatility of water and how its every single expression is a delight to watch. The wonder liquid achieves absolute perfection in every role essayed by it. Everyone that it meets during its journey has a profound impact on its personality and ultimately adds to the depth of its emotions.

The brilliant sparkle produced by sheer happiness on meeting the sun, the peace and contentment on reaching the shore, the ecstasy on jumping from the cliff, the fury on colliding with the rocks, the anxiety on witnessing the hustle-bustle of a big city, the light chuckle on dancing with the dolphins; Water displays a gamut of emotions having unmatched intensity.

The myriad faces of water are evident in the pictures below.

Calangute Beach,Goa (The ultimate Glow!)
Calangute Beach (Serene!!)
Niagara Falls, North America
Niagara Falls (And the fury!!)
Hongkong Island
Mauritius (one for the Dolphins!)

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